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Take Your Product Content To The Next Level

Manafeth is the regional representative of atrify, one of the largest GDSN master data pools worldwide. atrify product content platform enables you to create, manage and share item master data and digital assets with trading partners around the globe seamlessly, secure, valid and efficient. It allows more than 20,000 users from trade and industry in over 50 countries to exchange accurate and reliable content.

With atrify platform and solutions, you will only identify your role as a Data Supplier or Data Recipient either to syndicate your product content or receive trusted product data from your trading partners and decide the use case that is important to your business. Get started today!

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Product Management 

Enter your data once, and with just one click, you make this information available to hundreds of recipients such as retailers, distributors, wholesalers, food service operators, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Industries we serve 

Whether food, medical or household products- with atrify data pool, you as a manufacturer, retailer/e-tailer, distributor or regulatory authority can exchange reliable and secure master data and product content seamlessly around the globe. We offer our services to almost all industries, especially in the following areas:


In addition to the atrify platform, you will get comprehensive services starting from Strategic Analysis of your product content, Data Quality, PIM Selection, Mapping & Implementation Services, Training & Education, Product Data Capture Services and many other customized services. 

What Is GDSN?

GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) is a data sharing network that allows for the accurate and timely exchange of product information between supply chain partners. It is an essential tool for businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of their product data.

Why Atrify data pool is important for traceability?

Our experts are thrilled to support you wherever you are in : flags

Our support team is available from Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 -18:00 clock by phone or e-mail available: +00962799909136 or

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