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Product Content Management

Enter your data once, and with just one click, you make this information available to hundreds of recipients such as retailers, distributors, wholesalers, food service operators, e-commerce platforms, etc.

As a Data Supplier (Manufacturer or Brand Owner), you can upload individual product or product group data in Excel or PDF format. Also, your digital assets, such as product images, videos, or safety data sheets, can be uploaded and shared. This saves time, reduces costs, avoids inaccuracies- and is handy.

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The atrify data pool is one of the largest GDSN master data pools worldwide. It allows you to exchange product content with trading partners around the globe simultaneously and effortlessly. All product data is centrally stored, managed, and released in the atrify data pool. It is worth mentioning that all stored data is reliably validated and complies with international standards and regulations, and you benefit from direct proximity to GS1. 

Through the continuous development of our systems, user interface, and atrify publishing. We Offer Intelligent features to support you in your daily work where necessary, for example, Machine Learning, Dynamic UI and GPC Prediction.  We are also connected to a wide network of experts who offer you extensive support for all topics related to your product content and make it easier for young start-ups to get started and bring long-standing customers further forward.

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For Data Recipients (retailers, distributors, wholesalers, regulatory bodies) atrify approval, also, offers a wide range of automated test methods to ensure reliable master data. It provides one of the most comprehensive solutions to easily subscribe, receive, review and forward product content from the global GDSN via browser. Lists or individual articles can be exported as PDF or Excel files and synchronized directly with your internal systems.

For companies with machine-to-machine (M2M) connection, atrify approval is a perfect complement to individual ERP systems that provides reliable management and checking of article master data, and you fit in every respect from the wide range of services and standards of the GDSN. 

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