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Information such as weight, transport, or product designations are important for trade and business processes, just as they are for purchasing, logistics, sales, and disposition. But above all, there are legal requirements that neither young start-ups nor large brand manufacturers can ignore. For this reason, product master data must be prepared and optimized to comply with Country’s  regulations and at the same time satisfy customers and retailers.


The GDSN is a globally operating standardized network around which a number of GS1-certified data pools revolve. In these data pools the data is available for digital exchange via GDSN.


To ensure that this all runs smoothly, the data pools have standardized data sets. This means they speak a common language and can communicate with each other. This enables data senders and receivers to exchange and synchronize relevant data anywhere in the world. As soon as a sender or receiver changes the dimensions of a product, for example, the recipient of the data, e.g., a retail company or app manufacturer, is informed of this change.

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  • Medical Devices 

  • Medicine 

Send your healthcare data to all trading partners simultaneously.


With the atrify UDI Solution, you can register your products with the competent authority, and exchange valid and compliant product data with business partners – such as hospitals, clinics and GPOs - fast and easily worldwide. 

Our expert team will support you with the analysis of each UDI Registry’s attribute requirements and the development of the appropriate strategy, for your implementation into the atrify UDI Solution, and successful registration of your medical device products.


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Why atrify Data Pool Is Important For Traceability?

Certain industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals, require strict traceability and recall procedures. Our atrify data pool provides accurate master data, which is essential to meet these regulatory requirements and avoid costly fines or legal action. In the event of a recall, time is of the essence. With accurate master data in place, the traceability process can be streamlined and expedited, reducing the time it takes to identify and recall affected products. Accurate and complete master data can provide visibility into the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. This can help organizations quickly identify issues and proactively address them. 


On the other hand, by leveraging the insights gained from master data, organizations can make more informed decisions about supply chain optimization, risk management, and process improvement. This can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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All stored data is reliably validated and complies with international standards and regulations, you also benefit from direct proximity to GS1.  


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