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Traceability Data Management


Today, both consumers and legislators are increasingly demanding traceability & transparency from companies on compliance with minimum social, environmental, and economic requirements across all stages of the supply chain. Maintaining traceability & transparency across its entire supply chain entails major challenges that no single company can solve on its own. And digital technology has also changed how we live. Companies need to be prepared and look at digital transformation as part of their innovation strategy and objectives.

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Our Traceability Solution

Is your company ready for today’s challenges? We are here to help you. 


It is not only a software system but also the knowledge, education, guidance, and full consultancy that our expert team will guide you step by step to achieve traceability and related objectives. 

Our Traceability Management and Record keeping software is tailored to support either micro, small, or medium farms, food manufacturers and suppliers.

Our Traceability and Transparency Solution enables you to share information directly with your supply chain stakeholders using EPCIS and increase consumer trust by telling the story behind your products.

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Industries We Serve

Food Industry
Fresh & Processed Food
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